built in Unity

a graphic of my castle game

A shooter/strategy zombie game I made in grade 10 using the Pygame python module

The biggest hurdle for this project was probally learning how to use unity. I probally didn't even learn how to use it optimally since I never really fully followed along with any tutorials but learned bits and elements from various tutorials to make what I wanted to make.

I learned a lot about classes in this project. I used class abstraction, polymorphism and inheritence to create my parent building class and subsequent farm/house/archer-tower buildings. I learned about virtual classes and static classes and I figured out how to use collider 2d to detect when archer arrows hit goblins.

I used some maths to create a grid system but it's pretty inconsistent and if I ever came back to this project it would be the first thing I'd redo.

Screenshot of castle game

Anyways the point of this game is to survive the onslaught of goblins and then fight back (and win the game) by raising 5000 gold. You get gold from building houses (the fair citizens of this kingdom get to pay all of their fair taxes) but houses require a constant food supply (let them eat cake). To meet that food supply you'll need to build barns, and finally to protect these buildings and your castle (did I mention that if your castle gets destroyed you lose?) you'll need to build archer towers. All of these buildings can get upgraded to provide statistical benifits but to do so you'll need stone which comes from stone masons. Good luck general!