built with Pygame

a picture of my zombie game

A shooter/strategy zombie game I made in grade 10 using the Pygame python module

This is a very rough around the edges project that I started and finished in the last week of my grade 10 winter break for my final project. It's not the most polished code ever but I learned a lot about object oriented programming during the process. I was a lot more comfortable at the end and if I had more time I could have created more content. Maybe if I get bored I'll add more!

I adapted the sprite animation, movement, and bullets from This website was where I learned most of my pygame, and I could not have built this project without it.

NCS - Chasing ghosts was used as music

You're a space marine trying to survive never ending waves of zombies. As the waves progress the zombies gain more health and eventually zombie tanks will spawn. You can use WASD to move, and your mouse to shoot. By killing zombies you earn cash, wish you can then use on either buying suit upgrades (for increased damage) or buildings (with various bonuses). The buildings include banks (providing passive cashflow) and walls (walls will stop zombies from advancing until the walls run out of hp and can be shot through).

Use q to interact with the various buildings, p to pause.